Anyone out there

by Not Only Brothers

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released December 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Not Only Brothers Bonn, Germany

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Track Name: Lucky man
Lucky man

I once was nearly stabbed by knife,
I´m blessed with the perfect wife,
I nearly was killed by a rolling train,
I´ve suffered only minor pain.

I can live in a decent house,
I seldom had to break some vows,
I can stear a german car,
I have a well known minibar.

I´m a lucky man,
I´m a lucky man,
thank God I´am,
a lucky man.

I am fan of the FCB,
I planted our wedding tree.
I rarely had to pay a fee,
I have kids, by now they´re three.

I have a bunch of real good friends,
some of them even holding hands,
when I´m flying in a plane,
for them I would do just the same.


I once stroke some serious ball,
I can play a perfect roll,
when I´m playing with the band,
I get goose bumps on my hand.

Mostly I know who I am,
my fridge always holds a beer can,
my name is lucky and so I am,
feel the same, I´m sure you can.

Chorus (repeat)
Track Name: Slim fit conspiracy
The slim fit conspiracy

The postman rings & brings the package,
I open it up with great expectations,
the mirror reveals the textile wreckage,
the shirt don´t fits on it´s destination.

A slim fit conspiracy is what I see,
shirtmakers shirts they don´t fit me,
I´m so full of life around my waiste,
I don´t fit in the recent taste!

On the tele the 500th star is born,
his singing makes my stomache sore,
out of the gutter he is torn,
that programm don´t fit me no more.

The TV-conspiracy here to be,
the writers songs don´t fit for me,
not all is lost, don´t get me wrong,
still I don´t like the common song!

Blackberry, Ipad & all them machines,
my boss often wishes he could beam,
you have to be reachable by any means,
communication don´t fit in my scheme!

Communication conspiracy is obvious,
no privacy anymore – what a loss,
my advice: think first and talk later,
intellectual output would be grater!

Slim fit – no fit,
no fit at all!
Tv Programm – no fit,
no fit at all!
Communication – no fit,
no fit at all!
Politicians – no fit,
no fit at all!

The head of the state has taken it all,
I wonder how he could get this far,
the higher you climb, the harder you fall,
you think you fit? – The door is ajar!

Politicians conspiracy is taking place,
you get elected if they like your face,
nothing done, but message strong,
that personel just fits me wrong!
Track Name: Labour of love
Different / Labour of love

You´re irresistable,
especially beautyful,
a delicate surprise,
You´re fast on the way,
looked so helpless,
brought me to my knees
You are all of the above,
but mostly a labour of love.

You´re so loud,
and yet so still,
an underrated gift.
You´re very demanding,
can be so mean,
nearly wrecked my nerves.
You are all of the above,
but mostly a labour of love.

They say you are different,
I guess that´s what you are,
but that doesn´t have to mean,
you couldn´t be a shining star!

The first days were everything but nice,
we´ll always be aware,
half the way to heaven twice,
the angels (already) got their share.
I swore that I would always care,
as long as I may live,
life sometimes simply isn´t fair,
you seldom get what you´ll give.

You´re so slow,
sometimes irritatating,
really a sight to see.
You´re disturbing,
turned me upside down.
You are all of the above,
but mostly a labour of love.


Are you stupid?
an ugly thing?
A hopeless case?
I cursed your name a 1000 times
felt guilty afterwards, cause
You are none of the above,
thank God your a labour of love.

Track Name: Adrenalize

Paul worked for the steel company,
the boss once said: We´ll set you free!
a gifted craftsman – 50 years old,
he always did, what he was told.
He shouted:”Gimme something to do!”
The boss replied: “Polish the loo!”

When you´re forced the wrong direction,
When it seems there´s no way out,
you might as well let it all go down,
the only way is otherwise: Adrenalize

Joe is married, two beautiful kids,
desire just faded in tiny bits,
he was a womanizer long ago,
but today he won´t give it a go!
He said: “I don´t wanna loose my Mojo!”
Pa replied: “That´s how it is, poor Joe!”


Mona was happy every single season,
her mood changend for no particular reason,
thinking in circles became her obsession,
the doctor claims: “This is depression!”
She said: “I don´t wanna loose my mind!
with anxiety always two steps behind.”


Adrenalize – just for a flight
Adrenalize – for a new perspective
Adrenalize – for a chance to live
Adrenalize – to fulfil your dreams
Adrenalize – to accept the undeniable

Vicky left for vacation one summer night,
her parents waving her out of sight,
Policemen rings them out of beed:
A car crash ocurred & that she was dead!
They cry: “I don´t wanna loose my child!”
now only pills keep them from going wild.

Chorus (repeat)
Track Name: Band of brothers
Band of Brothers

This one is for you Pals!
This one is for us.
Let´s make another trip, Pals!
C´mon where´s the bus?

In our life we need some friends,
need someone to stand by,
in our life we need some friends,
to share the battle cry!

Everyday you have to be aware,
life is nothing without mates to share,
and sometimes it´s the only choice,
I love the time spend it with the boys.

Let´s raise the golden cup, Lads!
And fill it up again.
Let´s watch our favorite game, Lads!
And sing the great refrain!

This one is for you Pals!
This one is for us.
Let´s make another trip, Pals!
C´mon where´s the bus?


The one with the bass guitar – thanks for being there!
The one with the biggest heart – thanks for being there!
The one who loves racing cars– thanks for being there!
The heavy weight champion – thanks for being there!
The brothers with guitars – thanks for being there!
The one playing keys – thanks for being there!
The new American Pal – thanks for being there!
The one with the cigar – thanks for being there!
The big blond dude – thanks for being there!
The one with the compass – thanks for being there!
The on beeing my colleague – thanks for being there!

and to all who I forgot,
you know who you are!

Track Name: Anyone out there
Anyone out there?

When I talk and plead to you,
when I hope or when I thank,
I´m not sure, my voice is heard,
or is there no big you?
Some of us – they have no doubt,
some – they can let go,
but not me – I have to grab,
to what life has given me!

You don´t know how much I´d love,
to surrender my soul to you,
but believe must be experienced,
before you see it through.
My notion that I have a soul,
could just be proof enough,
or is it all just neurons work
to believe is just so tough!

To some god´s in a smiling face,
to some in birds and trees,
to some of us it´s in his grace,
to some in flowers and bees,
to some god´s in a silent song,
and all it may be right,
but also it can be just wrong,
or is he the stars at night?


We are cought in a sense of time,
where there´s beginning and end,
that all things be without a start,
is no possible option my friend.
But industry of transcendence,
(they ´re) so eager to explain,
have nothing on the table for me,
I cannot ride this train!

At some point in your lives we´re touched,
but being grabed is very rare,
I wish I would be grabed so much,
to flee, when in despair.
Believe can be a source so strong,
I would love to take so much,
so I´m ready and you´re welcome,
let me feel the divine touch!

Track Name: Fate trader
Fate trader

One night in the club, as I went to pee,
this strange looking guy was approaching me.
He said: Believe me man, I know your case,
I can solve your problem in many ways.
Listen up! he said, as I went to piss,
you can buy the safety you desperately miss.
How about a deal: You´ll survive this flight,
for 500,-€ bucks, I nodded and said: All right!

Some days later he came up to me,
with an offer made for me especially.
If I would pay a large ammount,
I´d be free from desease, on that I can count.
man it felt so good, that I need not beware,
on my way home I was walking on air.

Chorus (repeat two times):
Fate trader, what a profession,
Fate trade, found a confession,
Fate trader, work on obsession,
Fate trader, trade-recession.

Months later in the paper I saw the man,
looking out of a vanishing police van.
They charged him for fraud the highest degree,
because others also paid willingly.
What broke him the neck was the simple fact,
that one of his customers had to detect,
he had a car crash despite of paying the price,
which was breaking the contract in his eyes.

Oh, I was stupid to trust this guy,
a compelling thought, that you can buy,
yourself off from life´s destiny,
and instead life happy and carefree,
So still sick I am, the money gone,
the bucks are lost, experience won.

Track Name: Earthly possessions vs. peace of mind
Earthly possesions vs. peace of mind

I don´t know what´s wrong with me,
what I want is what I see.
When I´m under pressure,
shopping is the measure.

It´s nice to drive a fancy car,
a smaller one drives you just as far.
It´s posh to to wear designer´s clothes,
a little dough and everything goes!

What it is I have just reconed,
buying gives a soothing second,
if you want the soothing years,
you have to search in other spheres!

Unlimited desires but short of ressouces,
our societies driving forces,
economic theory teaches you that,
on your mark, along there goes the rat!


Consumption speeds us up,
surround your house with a golden fence.
Only Champagne in your cup,
go to the basement and count your pence!
Eathly possetions vs. peace of mind,
Is this the only choice?
this choice is of the sucking kind,
listen to your inner voice!

Remember just a few thoughts from here,
there beginns another sphere,
All I desire is to see,
I so much want this life to be.

Chours (repeat)
Track Name: Proper propaganda
Proper Propaganda

Full of contradictions, full of chances
full of distractions, but perfect circumstances,
full of beauty, full of pride,
so much insight you now hide.
everywhere defend your land,
with a weapon in your hand.

The persuit of happiness,
and it´s brother liberty,
can create a bloody mess,
if the boundaries you not see.
someone entering your property,
shoot him down – later we´ll see.

We all love the land of the brave,
for years makes us feel so safe,
with every Californian wave,
Uncle Sam turns in his grave.

Hard to believe what happend to you,
paranoia has taken control,
same changes you must go through,
so essential: C´mon, let´s roll!
a country once called superpower,
loosing it´s power by the hour.


Proper Propaganda is what we see,
in the land of the so called free,
the way of life, called the American way,
works out as long you are triple A,
so wanna run for President?
with a bible in your hand,
spin doctors´ll have an eye on you,
Tea Party makes your dream come true.

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